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Applicants are

Registered applicants are paired to open positions

Preparation Workshops

Applicants are prepped prior to meeting with you

Win Seminars®

World-renowned speakers are invited to speak at this event

The Hidden Step® Series

Free Download of the Hidden Steps One, Two and Three

Diversity focused


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Career Coach

Prepare prior to the event

After registering, you have access to the Get Back to Work Now events occuring now in your area. Defining your career path, developing an effective resume and preparing for the interview are all provided at this session.

How to get a career coach

Hidden Step Series

Download Samples

The Hidden Step guides are provided by the National Employment Council and Farhad Omidwar to prepare you for this event.

Click here to view copies of the Hidden Step series.

with Us

the event

Want to be a part of this event? Like to volunteer?

Forward your resume to an event coordinator or contact us. Contact an event coordinator at (949) 870-0201 or click here for contact information. Visit for other Volunteer Opportunities

March 21, 2013 career fair

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World-renowned speakers

Invitations to the best speakers in the country means a line up of some of the most sought after speakers to speak at this seminar. Seminar starts at 12:30 on the day of the event.


Free copies of the Hidden Step Series®

When you register for this event, you gain access to a free copy of Step one, two and three of the Hidden Step Series. You are also assigned to a job search assistant to help prepare and match you to jobs presented at this event. Attend the next Get Back to Work Now event in your area to be matched


Maximize Your Meeting with Employers

Your registration includes access to the Event Maximizer. seminar helps prepare you before meeting with employers.